What We Offer New Clients

Whether it’s face-to-face, via phone, e-mail, video conference, or fax, our financial advisors will be available to you in the manner that suits you. Your accounts will be available on-line at all times. We pride ourselves in delivering good, old-fashioned, courteous customer service.

We design portfolios for people based on their real wants and needs and select from every type of investment to fulfill them. Our interests are aligned with our clients as we are paid a percentage of what is invested. The more you make, the more your advisor earns. Fees are negotiated based on the type of portfolio needed. Some require more work than others. Fees are negotiated between the client and the advisor; there are no set thresholds and no sales quotas. Our clients are treated as individuals deserving of individual attention. We offer on-line account access and an advisor you can contact at any time. We provide your advisor's cell phone number and e-mail address. At any time of need, you can speak with the president of the firm, Bill Baker.

We do not have a minimum account size. We believe in what we do and if you start with us, even with a small account, we know eventually yours will grow to be a large account. Ours will be a long-term relationship.